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The definition of Greed is an excessive desire
for more of something than is needed.
so clearly, Greed is a major issue in my life.

Greed seems to be one of my personality traits,
because it manifests itself in most of the areas in my life.

I am not a minimalist.
Rather than less, I want more.
I like my things. I like being surrounded by them.
What some people call clutter, I find delightful
Space, to me, is an empty place to put something.

I want more food than my body needs,
and I want my food to be delicious, attractive,
entertaining, and comforting, as well as nutritious.

This particular Greed for food is a long-term problem of mine,
because while I don't want to be fat,
at the same time,
I also want to eat a large variety of foods;
I want to eat as frequently as possible;
and my preference is to eat as much as my body will hold
...rather than just what my body will use.

I am also Greedy for experiences and activities and knowledge.
New experiences and activities are welcome,
but I want to add the new ones without limiting those I already enjoy.
This, also, creates an obvious problem.

  Even this website is an example of this.
There are so many things I want to say here.
There are so many recipes I want to share.
There are so many "words of wisdom" I want to video.

Now, making these videos at YouTube

has evolved into me also becoming a video "YouTube Grandma".
While only in it's third week this is generating a great deal of interest
which is resulting in additional input of personal time and work.
I'm not willing to eliminate anything....(there's that Greed again}
so right now, it's all just one-day-at-a-time.

Still, Life is Good.
..and perhaps....Greed for more of it is okay.
Greed is simply another one of my many imperfections.
One to be Acknowledged, Accepted, and Lived with.

Another personal Life Example shared, here at DietHobby.

On Fridays, I'm posting my Ask Grandma weekly video for YouTube,
if you are interested, it is posted HERE under RESOURCES, Videos, Ask Grandma

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Existing Comments:

On Jul 02, 2011 TexArk wrote:
This post made me laugh...especially "Space is an empty place to put something." I agree that greed for life is good, but that doesn't mean greed for things is necessarily good. I have just spent the last 5 years emptying out elderly kinfolks houses and have found it depressing to see how much stuff was accumulated which should have been given away, discarded, or at least used and worn out! But I am afraid I am doing the same thing...even bringing more stuff home with me to fill any empty spaces available. I do enjoy learning new things and having new experiences, but I have had to give up some of the old because I had way too many "unfinished projects" weighing me down. I too, want to do it all! as well as eat it all! I will have to think some more about my greed before I make peace with it as you seem to have done.

On Jul 02, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi TexArk. I have had many hobbies in my life, and I have an accumulation of things to do with them "someday". I have a great deal of stored stained glass, plus many tools and supplies to build stained glass. Even if I never build another window, I like having the option available. ****** I had to empty out my mother's house all alone, and this had been the family home for more than 50 years. I was also slightly involved in a similar thing for my mother-in-law. So I've thought about my family members having to do that for me, and the fact that they wouldn't recognize the value of the things I own or want them or know what to do with them. AND GUESS WHAT??? I decided...That's just too bad for them. I've cleaned up for others all my life, and when I'm gone, they'll just have to deal with it ****** I decided that I've spent a lot of time and money on accumulating things, and now that I'm old, I'm going to enjoy them as long as I'm able. It could be as much as 20 more years,or maybe a great deal sooner, but at this point I'm not going to pressure myself to clear away things my things, and and prepare to move into a hospital room or my grave. I've decided not to pack for the trip. I'm just going to live as much of my life as is possible while surrounded by the things I've spent my time accumulating.

On Jul 02, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             More about this .............. My question is, who has the right to judge whether any of my accumulated stuff should have been "given away, discarded, or used and worn out" ...Where do we get these ideas? This is an individual VALUES issue. It's my life, and as long as I'm in charge of it, I get to choose what to buy, sell, use or posses. No one but me can know the intrinsic beauty or value that my individual possessions have to me. Maybe having a lot of "maybe I'll use this someday" items around me is something that helps provide me with security and happiness. I'm not someone who wants to live in an "Open House" environment, and I'm not staging my house for sale. It's my home and I'm living in it. And despite the marketing push from our society to minimize ... which is to eliminate everything "nonessential" ****** Whether society's motive for minimalism is because we SHOULD go without, or ... as I suspect ... simply in order to get us to make room for the additional things we are supposed to buy, ... ultimately it's up to me and my tastes. I don't have to follow the fashion, fads, or trends of society. **** My personal belief is that I don't think anyone has a right to assign me the obligation to use my personal property all up, or even to organize it, before I die.

On Jul 03, 2011 TexArk wrote:
I like your spunk and attitude. If excess stuff is not excess to you and you do not feel smothered with it, fine and dandy. However, there does come a tipping in the hoarders. When a house is so full of stuff that it cannot be cleaned that is at the other end of the spectrum. No, I certainly do not keep a house that is ready for magazine photographers. Every possible wall space and flat surface has important items to me and my husband that we collected from all our years. But...I see no need to hang on to broken (with major parts missing) blenders, crockpots, vacuum cleaners, mixers, etc. that go back 60 years! And my mother in law had her house full plus storage units she could neither afford nor visit just because she never could let go. My husband and I do have the evidence of our past hobbies added to our archeological, astronomy, models, antiques....

On Jul 03, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks, TexArk. We each have individual values, and I strongly believe that each of us should do what works for us individually.

On Jul 03, 2011 older/wiser wrote:
My greed is not for "things" is for experiences. My 'wish I had done that" list, which is a little different than a "bucket list", which in my book, are things I might still do. I also know there is no point in living in the past and "wishing' won't make-it-so! long ago, an much-older-than-me (I was 25 at the time) friend told me to"climb those mountains while you still can." ..and, in reality, I have climbed many mountains in my time (literally and figuratively)...but there were still so many that I missed! On the other hand, I have a new outlook on so much of life and realize that every day is a day to be greedy about squeezing everything out of every minute!

On Jul 03, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Older/wiser, I certainly understand that. I also have a greed for experiences. My life has contained many, many wonderful experiences, and yet I still am greedy for more. I am a person who prefers not to repeat vacation experiences. Each time I like to stay at a new place in a new location, and I prefer eating at an unknown restaurant rather than one I've previously visited. As an example of my greed in this area, I love my home, and wil be content to spend all of my remaining years in it. And Yet I remember in my recent past, while driving through a residential neighborhood in my city, I felt extreme sadness due to the Ultimate Realization that came to me ... that I would never get the opportunity to live in, or even enter, ALL of these houses and apartments, or even one in each new location of the many new areas of my city. **** Like the saying goes .... "some of us are sicker than others". =)

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