Reality Bites

- POSTED ON: Jul 01, 2017

For obese or reduced-obese people, weight-loss or maintenance of weight-loss takes an ongoing Awareness of their eating Behaviors and the Results of those eating Behaviors.

It requires consistently following SOME METHOD of conscious eating Behavior that restricts calories to an amount which is the same-or-less as the amount used by that individual body....

....Together with a consistent and precise METHOD of measuring the ongoing weight Results of that eating Behavior. 

Here, the “rose” represents a thin or normal-sized body.

The “thorn” is restricted calorie eating (Behavior),
and a scale or other measuring tool (Result).

Obese or reduced-obese people who are not courageous enough to “grasp the thorn” need to abandon their desire for the “rose”, which is a thin or normal-sized body.

Reality, take it or leave it,

But I won’t be joining those who choose to spend their lives in the Forest waiting for the Unicorns to appear.



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On Jul 02, 2017 gnelson651 wrote:
What is interesting to me is in nature you don't see over weight animals. If there is an over abundance of food available animals reproduce more not over eat. If you look at a household you will see three over weight animals-cats, dogs and humans. Why is that?

On Jul 02, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             gnelson651, thanks for your comment. Some would agree with your statement, and some would not. The internet is full of people who enjoy spending time hypothesizing about the Origins and Causes of obesity, however I am not one of them. The relevant issue here is HOW to individually deal with what now exists, not WHY it exists.

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