Every Other Day - Alternate Day Fasting

- POSTED ON: Apr 12, 2016

I modified the graphics and specifics of my current diet experiment....because I can.  See day-before-yesterday's April 10 blog for the graphics of my previous plan.

The reason for this modification was that when my (Down) Fast day turns into an (Up) Fed day, I need the following day to be a (Down) Fast day.   Otherwise, it seems likely that I'm going to wind up with weeks full of (Up) Fed days. 

At present I'm having too many unsuccessful Fast (Down) days to be able to predict exactly which days will be Fed (Up) days and which days will be Fast (Down) days each week.  So, for a while, it looks like I'll be jumping back and forth between Week 1 & 2 days at random.

See my April 10 blog to see details of my previous plan.

My UP days are based on my own personal Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) which is close to 1,000 calories.  Adding 10% brings it up to a total of about 1,100.  My plan calls for 3 weekly UP days.

My DOWN days of about 300 calories are close to ¼ (25%) of my TDEE.  My plan calls for 3 weekly DOWN days.

1,100 plus 300 equals 1,400 divided by 2 equals 700 calories… Therefore a 2 week rotation of this pattern would result in a total Average calorie intake of 700 calories daily.

I have changed my plan to remove the MEDIUM day of about 700 calories from weekly rotation as I have decided to only include it occasionaly.

I am 71 years old, 5'0" tall, and an inactive, reduced obese female (high weight 271 lbs) who has been maintaining a normal BMI for 10+ years, and my individual TDEE of about 1,000 is low, but not “abnormally” low.

For ME, an average daily intake of 700 calories should create a daily deficit of about 300 calories, and … according to the 3,500 calorie rule… result in a weight-loss of about ½ pound per week.

To bring my calorie counts into proper perspective...
note that the well-known and frequenlty-used Mifflin formula gives an "AVERAGE" person of my age, size, and activity level, a TDEE of 1150 calories, and a BMR of 985. 

I've been keeping computer records of my calorie intake & weight every day now for about 12 years, and so I know that my own TDEE is about 100 calories or so below the "AVERAGE". 

Women who are younger, taller, heavier, and more active often have very little understanding or knowledge of how low the TDEE is for a short, light, inactive elderly woman... and of course, it is even less for a "reduced obese" one.

For those people who think my TDEE calculation is too low.... HERE's a little personal lesson.

Click this link to get access to one of the online calculators that use Mifflin to determine both BMR & TDEE
.  If you are a female use it to run your own numbers. After you've done that .... try changing your own age to 71, and moving yourself to "Inactive"... Look at your numbers change.  Now, change your height to 5'0".... Quite a difference, right?...  Now give yourself ...as an elderly, short, inactive person... a BMI of around 22.5 (which is somewhere near the middle of a "normal"  BMI)  by setting your weight at 115 pounds.... Now, look at the resulting numbers.... which should be around 985 BMR, and 1150 TDEE.

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 15, 2016 Kae wrote:
I hope this pattern works for you .. good luck!

On Apr 16, 2016 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Kimber

On Apr 16, 2016 AJ wrote:
Wow! When I plugged in my info and what I SHOULD weigh, (a higher end normal bmi, so nothing crazy) my calorie intact ought to be barely 1100 calories daily! And I've been overweight for a good number of years, but not obese. I don't do that even sticking strictly to only 3 meals a day.

On Apr 16, 2016 Dr. Collins wrote:
             AJ, .... remember ALL calculations for these TDEE formulas are based on AVERAGES. Within the data collected, people are commonly 15% below or above the Average....AND, there are always some "outliers" who are FAR LOWER or higher than the Average. The calculations are a good starting place, but the way to get data as accurate as possible for yourself is to keep detailed calorie records for very long periods of time. I've now been keeping my own personal daily records for 12+ years. Of course, the calorie records could...and do...necessarily contain errors because it is impossible to gage all calories with complete accuracy^^^^^^^^^ but here, consistency is the key..... even though it is impossible to get total Calorie accuracy....while the actual calorie intake number might be somewhat incorrect - either too high or too low, it will be accurate enough to know whether you need to raise them up (eat more) or lower them down (eat less).^^^^^^^Of course,I mean when those calorie records are connected to and compared with weight records.

On Apr 16, 2016 AJ wrote:
Thank you, Dr. Phyl (haha). You hit the nail on the head when you say, 'consistency is the key'!

On May 03, 2016 oolala53 wrote:
Hi, Phyllis, aka Brightangel! How do I go to the beginning of your discussion on fasting, if possible?

On May 03, 2016 oolala53 wrote:
Hi, Phyllis, aka Brightangel! How do I go to the beginning of your discussion on fasting, if possible? Never mind, found it! For me, it all began with adding the MIND diet to No S.

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