What Others Think of You Doesn't Matter.

- POSTED ON: Aug 07, 2015


The video below:  7 Reasons Why the Thoughts of Other People are Irrelevant makes some good points

Lucy Bainbridge, 3 Principles practitioner, builds a good case for being yourself, because no matter what you do, people will think what they think, and it's out of your control.

Her points are:

  • Think about your own thoughts, how many a day. how random and fluid they are.

  • Think about how these thoughts are molded - filtered through our own separate realities, involving beliefs from our own unique past experiences.

  • Think about how your mood impacts your thoughts.

  • Most of us are self-obsessed, living in a fearful, egotistical reality, living in the past or future.

  • The only time we, ourselves, fixate on other people in a negative way is when we perceive the other person as a threat to us.

  • We don’t even believe our OWN thoughts.

  • WHAT WE THINK ABOUT OURSELVES is what we think other people are thinking. It’s a deception. Our view of the world is a mirror of our own thoughts.

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