Eggs Aren't Only For Easter

- POSTED ON: Apr 12, 2011

Eggs taste good.
They can be boiled, fried, scrambled, made into an omlet
and are a necessary basic ingredient in a great many recipes.

On the issue of nutrition, eggs are an excellent source of protein.

According to food nutrition facts, eggs are grouped under meats,
considering the fact that they contain a high percentage of protein
and choline (a B complex vitamin). Thus, eggs are included in a
high protein diet for muscle building and losing weight.

Containing all essential amino acids,
the protein present in egg is termed as perfect protein.
It is used as a standard for comparing other protein sources.

As far as the actual amount of egg protein is concerned,
the percentage in egg white (albumin) is higher than that of the yolk part.
The egg white extracted from a large egg contains approximately 4 g of protein.
In comparison to this, the total protein content in a whole egg accounts to
6 g (or slightly more). In a hard boiled egg, protein amount remains the same,
about 6 g.  Eggs provide essential amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals.

A large whole egg has about 80 calories,
while one egg-white has about 15 calories.
Except for protein, the egg-white (albumin part) is devoid of nutrients,
Therefore...aside from the calorie issue....
consuming a whole egg is a better way to get all the healthy nutrients.

Eggs are one of the staples of my food plan. I eat them all the time,
and I've already posted some of my favorite egg recipes here at DietHobby
in my RECIPES section.

Some of those recipes are:

Scrambled Egg & Buttered Bagel
Poached Egg & Buttered Toast
Egg, Bacon & Veggie Scramble
Eggbeater Custard
Egg White Pancakes

Below is another video egg recipe:  Eggs Benedict For One.

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 12, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
I bought the Knorr hollandaise sauce packet as that is what my neighborhood store carries. I will be looking for McCormick's as that is the brand you used. On the Knorrs directions, it says to use 1 cup of milk. Is that what McCormick's directs too. I recall you using water which would lower the calorie count and perhaps make freezing & reheating in the micro better. I will experiment with water on Thusday and let you know how it goes. As I am limiting my grains, I eat 2 poached eggs over steamed spinach. About the same calories but fewer carbs. The picture is beautiful.

On Apr 12, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Karen. I have used Knorr as well. McCormick's instructions call for water, and says that for a creamier sauce, use a mixture of half milk and half water. I always choose to use water as it is less calories, AND I think that using milk MIGHT change the way it handles being frozen. Let me know how it works for you.

On Apr 16, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
I hollandaise sauce tart?

On Apr 16, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             I-need-a-snack, Hollandaise sauce CAN be tart, depending on how you make it. When you use a lot of lemon juice it will become tart. The packaged mixes like McCormick's give optional directions for adding lemon juice. Personally, I usually prefer the taste of the basic mild, packaged mix.

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