The Finish Line

- POSTED ON: Jan 06, 2013



There is no finish line.


People quit their “Diet or Way-of-eating or Lifestyle” Behavior because it takes too long to see Results, because they can’t figure out that the process is the result.

It really is a lifelong shift in thinking and behavior. I will never reach some magic moment where I will be finished and accomplished and not have to think about my weight ever again.

Since there is no deadline, no end point, then I will just keep working toward one type of healthy low-calorie eating Behavior after another and know that, over the long-run, the Results will be positive.

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Existing Comments:

On Jan 06, 2013 wrote:
Oh I like that!!!!! If only I was open to that thought the first time around,. What might have been.

On Jan 06, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi John, I hear you, I can say...If Only I had learned that in my teen years before I became grossly overweight, or even the FIRST time I lost 100 lbs back in my 20s ... But, the good thing is that for RIGHT NOW, I do Accept it, and since Forward is the only direction that life moves, I see little point in a focus on regrets. I like myself now, and If I hadn't had all my past problems and experiences, I wouldn't be who I am right now.

On Jan 07, 2013 jethro wrote:
Great point! Just like there is no finish line, there's never a final defeat. If we fall, we can always get up, dust off and go again. We are always a meal away from returning to the process.

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