One-Size-Fits-All ... Not!

- POSTED ON: Dec 15, 2012

My advice:   Gather your own knowledge to support your own decisions, beliefs and unique body, and then do what works for YOU.

I definitely don't believe that one size fits all.

My own body, my own culture (southern-based, blue-collar-to-professional), and my own values make up ME…who I am. I am over 60 years old with a great deal of personal experience with diets, “lifestyles,” “non-diets”, and ways-of-eating, as well as an in-depth knowledge received by a lifetime of reading, studying and by watching others in relation to food, exercise, and weight-issues.

Personally, I have no interest in becoming a vegetarian. I’m don’t feel a need to support or spread a message about going green, low-carb, paleo, organic, buying local, or have any desire to become an activist supporting any other method of food intake that is intended to “save the planet”.

I have no present plans to eat mostly plants, or even to avoid processed foods. I use artificial sweeteners and drink diet cokes without restriction. I’ve studied opposing ideas on these issues, and have run experiments with them, and at this point, my experiences have resulted in the belief that doing any of these things is NOT a solution for my own individual weight-loss maintenance problems.
However, any or all of those things MIGHT work for You.    And, who knows, someday I could change my mind about any of them or all of them. It’s called having an open-mind.

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