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- POSTED ON: Mar 15, 2011



“The essence of bravery
is being without self-deception."

Self-deception is a trap for us all.
Yesterday I shot my first "Thinspiration" video,
and, as I planned,
it was of my entire body…fully-clothed, of course.

I found that I needed courage to do this.
I see myself in the mirror all the time, and I like what I see,
…..especially when I take off my glasses… 
but in the past, I've been surprised at my appearance
when I saw photos of myself.
I wondered if this would happen today
when I saw my full-length body size in a recording.

I believe it is important not to deceive oneself,
not to exist in Denial.
However, the task of seeing things clearly
doesn’t mean that we need to have a negative view
about the things that we see.

I’ve found that I can choose my attitude.
And I have decided that I like myself as I am.
Imperfect is Good Enough.

I don’t have to “Strive for Perfection”.
I don’t have to “Excel”
I still have flaws even though I’ve done the best I can do
And that’s okay. I’m the best ME there is.

  So, I saw myself clearly.
I saw my flaws, and I’m sharing myself with you anyway.
Here’s the video.

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Existing Comments:

On Mar 15, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
Self-deception is a trap for us all. ***** I usually like to watch your blogs in the morning after my WATP of only 1-2 miles, mull it over during the day, then post later that afternoon. I admire your courage in doing this website. I posted on a WATP group recently that I too am quite satisfied with how a consistent, habit formed, small amounts of exercise has really been beneficial for me, in addition to the all important food control. I have been asked if I plan on running in our Rock & Roll Marathon. Heck no. Not my thing. DD likes it, I like being with her but the rest of it is not for me. I will cheer her on and hold her banana:-) I do not have a full length mirror in the house and it is time to get on for my clothes closet. It took courage to get rid of the fat clothes, and I like my look. With the new wardrobe I am wearing, I want to see it. I think that is another area of self deception for the heavy set. I do not think some of us/them realize how their weight is distributed. I didn't. I did not realize I had avoided knowing this about me. SA has one of the highest obese populations in the US. Standing in line, unlike Fathead, it is very easy to see it. How many people really know what their rear ends, back of the neck, ear lobes, all places where fat can store, look like. On the flip side is, now I really enjoy my reflection, my DH, family & friends do as well. I want a beautiful, elegant mirror. I need to go administer an assessment test to DDand the National Latin Exam to twins but I wanted to get these thoughts to you first. Keep your videos coming, dear friend:-)

On Mar 15, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Karen for your kind words and thoughtful comment. You can see the full-length mirror at the end of the hallway that I look into many times each day as I travel from room to room. I have many other large mirrors in my home that reflect me full-length as well. Perhaps you will view some of them in future videos.

On Mar 15, 2011 sad wrote:
Cute video.

On Mar 15, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks SAD for taking the time to watch it and to comment.

On Mar 15, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
Looking good Phyllis :) I applaud your accomplishment I think I am most impressed by 5 years of maintaining your weight loss GFY I'm inspired by you and can't wait to share the day I reach my weight loss goal w/you <3 Thank you for this site it is a wonderful source of daily motivation :)

On Mar 15, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Kimberly, I hope this site can continue to help inspire and support you as you work toward your goals. I look forward to receiving your comments.

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