On The Right Track

- POSTED ON: Apr 06, 2012

 Here at Easter time, I'm thinking about new beginnings,
my own life path, and the necessitiy to keep moving on toward 
what I consider to be my own "right" direction.

Today is Good Friday 2012.
About this same time of day one year ago on Good Friday, 2011
I was shooting one of these Words of Wisdom videos in my front yard,
and stepped backwards in the wrong spot,
which caused me to trip and fall backwards, breaking my left arm. 

I spent the rest of that day in the Hospital Emergency room,
and have worked all year to recover from that injury. 
I did not recover the complete dexterity that I had before the injury,
and my wrist, hand, and fingers ache slightly much of the time. 

But I can wear my wedding ring again, and I'm typing with all my fingers,
and I can pick up medium-heavy objects with my left hand. 
I can finally even hook my bra in back again. 
I am very grateful for my recovery, 

And today, this Good Friday, I'm going to stay inside my house.  


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Existing Comments:

On Apr 13, 2012 rroush wrote:
It's so great to hear that you have mostly recovered from that injury! What an amazing year this has been for you! I can't believe how many videos and how much you've done in general in this time frame! You are amazing, Phyllis. I hope your Good Friday was an uneventful one (or at least one that did not involve going to the hospital). :)

On Apr 14, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Rebecca. It's good to hear from you. I safely made it through this Good Friday and Easter weekend without any unfortunate incidents. =)

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