Busy Times

- POSTED ON: Oct 23, 2011


Between my current house repair crisis,
and handling the DietHobby YouTube Channel activity spike,
I find myself incredibly busy at present.

This is actually serving me well with regards to my food-intake,
and my "zero-wheat experiment" is going well. 
At the end of today...assuming I am successful...it will be 4 weeks.

However, my exercise is almost non-existent right now,
and I'm having trouble getting the other routine, normal things done.
I will continue posting frequently,
but for awhile, my articles may not have a great deal of Substance.
There are many, many such articles in the Archives,
and they are worth reading, or re-reading.

For those who are following my “Ask Grandma” videos
click to see my latest one: “How To Get A Girl
which is located in DietHobby under RESOURCES, Videos, Ask Grandma.

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Existing Comments:

On Oct 25, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
Good morning Phyllis - Although being busy can be quite stressful I am happy to hear that it is serving you well w/regards to your food-intake :-) I hope that your home repairs are going smoothly and I, for one, shall appreciate the opportunity to spend some time reviewing your archived articles, as I have been off-line more often than on these past few weeks! Wishing you a wonderful day and thinking of you always <3 I'm hoping to be available to chat w/you this week-end (early pm pst, of course); is either Sat or Sun better for you?

On Oct 25, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Kimber, Yes, I'm very happy with my current weight results. DownBounces often rebound and become UpBounces, but I'm enjoying the loss for now. Saturdays are really busy. The best time to catch me is around 12:30 or 1:00 early Sunday afternoon.

On Oct 26, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
So true about the downbounce turning into an upbounce - blech - but hopefully the upbounce is less than the downbounce was :-) I thought we had agreed on early Sun afternoon as your best time but decided to double check in case you had other plans for the upcoming week-end. I've got you written in (in pen no less) on my calendar and I'm looking forward to chatting w/you then :-)

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