Back Home Again

- POSTED ON: Oct 19, 2011


Update on my recent mini-crisis.

I am back home again
after my absence due to the Plumbing Rerouting.
I looked upon it as an adventure,
which is a very positive way to see things that I'd rather didn't happen.

My cat Boodie, could not tolerate being in the hotel away from home,
and after the first night, was boarded by our vet in his little office kennel.
She is also really, really glad to be home.

During the next few weeks, I will be dealing with construction people
coming in to repair the holes in some of my walls, which will include
replacing the wallpaper in both bathrooms, and painting the entire master bedroom.
But, I won't have to leave home for that.

So far, I've been able to stay on my food plan during all this.
 I'm very tired, and am minus any other inspirational thoughts today,
except for the Words of Wisdom video that I uploaded today.

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