Forget Your Diet?

- POSTED ON: Sep 02, 2011



It’s Friday, and today is the start of Labor Day Weekend.
It is common for dieters to lose focus
around special events, like holidays and vacations.

Think about what happens to us at Thanksgiving,
Halloween, or Christmas when we tend to “forget”
to pay close attention to our food intake. 

Imagine you are a (good) parent shopping at the mall
with your two pre-school children.
You wouldn’t get so preoccupied that you forgot
that you brought your kids along.
Instead, you’d always know where your children were
and what they were doing.

Most parents have the mental ability to stay alert,
even after the kids are in bed. This built-in awareness,
or focus, helps them know when their children are at risk.

Sometimes we don’t set out to overeat or ignore our diets,
we simply lose our focus – the ability to stay aware
of our eating plan while we enjoy our food together with
conversation and special activities.

We can have fun and still Focus.
We need a way to hold continual awareness
in spite of what’s going on around us.
It’s tough, but it can be done.

Part of staying focused is:

Remember:  Frequently remind ourselves about our food-plan and goals.
Pull Focus back quickly:  When slipping into old patterns, intentionally renew focus.
Stay Alert: Mentally identify our individual emotions in the situation.

  It is important that we don’t “forget”
about our weight-loss or maintenance efforts,
so we need to develop a built-in awareness to help us
stay focused on what it takes to live with the weight we want.

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Existing Comments:

On Sep 02, 2011 wrote:
I think I am still at an interim stage in my eating journey so that staying focused around holidays still enters into the equation, although the holiday itself is not the issue anymore. I am not very likely to overeat unacceptably, in my mind, when celebrating with a crowd. But that is because I have been able, and I give luck most fo the credit, to alter my thinking about these occasions. One idea is that there is no reason to greatly overeat because it is a holiday. For one thing, it ends up not being fun! It feels crappy afterwards and I don't enjoy the food any more because I eat a lot of it. It isn't applicable anymore in this culture because the idea of having plenty for celebration came from a when people normally lived very simply. To me it makes no more sense than thinking that there is any difference of any substance between the "races." Statistically, two people of different skin colors are often closer in total genetic makeup than two of the same skin color, so believing that there is a difference of any genetic importance just isn't logical. So, I know everyone talks about holidays as dangerous for eting and I understand from the outside, but it doesn't make any sense to me anymore. My biggest problem is that holidays for me as a single person mean a lot of unstructured time, or time spent procrastinating on undesired tasks. Those are my triggers and they aren't any different from most weekends. I do agree that weight maintenance may be part of the built-in awareness, but more so for me, I want the built-in respect for how goooood I feel physically, not morally, from eating moderately with a bit of flexibility for occasional extra pleasures.

On Sep 02, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             oolala, it sounds like you have thought it all out and are in a good place right now.

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