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With regard to weight management,
simplicity is a virtue.

Research exists indicating that
those who are successful at weight-loss
tend to focus on fewer rules than those
who fail in their weight-loss efforts.

It wouldn’t matter how simple or complicated the rules were,
if there were truly only one right way to eat for weight-management.
You would just have to do it.

But in fact, there are many different kinds of healthy diets.
Vegetarian, Mediterranean, low-calorie, low-fat,
“primitive”, low-carb, and various other diets
have been validated by scientific research.

However, it’s not only the food that matters.
How we perceive the dietary rules we live by
is also important.

So, we need to just choose one and start.
It doesn’t even have to be an official “diet”.
Some of the most successful dieters…meaning those who
have maintained a weight loss of at least 30 pounds for at least one year…
don’t follow a formal diet plan.

Instead they establish a handful of their own rules,
and work to follow them consistently.

Weight management is difficult for most of us, no matter what.
It requires resisting some “fattening” foods we like,
while also resisting the urge to overeat “healthy” foods.
Nothing can be done about these requirements.

However, it isn’t necessary to make weight management any more difficult
than it has to be, by forcing oneself into a complicated diet.
We can choose to keep it simple.

My latest recipe video, Chinese Chicken Salad,
is located here at DietHobby in RECIPES, Mealtime.

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