Be Kind to Yourself

- POSTED ON: Aug 07, 2011

Do exactly what you can do, no more and no less.
Do not judge yourself if you falter on this journey
because it is about progress, not perfection.
And most importantly, never judge yourself against others.

Each of us are unique individuals going on a very personal journey.
We can support, inspire, and motivate each other along the way,
but in the end this is a very personal experience.

So be kind to yourself.

  I am pleased to be able to report to you
that I am making progress with the recovery of my wrist and hand,
and yesterday I was able to make another new cooking video: Chocolate Milkshake
You can find it at DietHobby in the RECIPE section under Sweet Tastes,
although it could also be used as a Mini-Meal

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Existing Comments:

On Aug 07, 2011 3aday wrote:
Hi, this is 3aday from the No S Diet forums. I wanted to write and let you know that this is a lovely blog/website. It is very informative and enjoyable to read. I haven't really been reading/posting on the No S website since I have been dealing with a medical issue for the last year but I am so glad I checked your site out. I look forward to reading your archives and watching the videos...It is nice for you to share everything you have learned on your journey. : ) Take care, Becky

On Aug 07, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Becky for your very kind words. I'm glad to see you here. I hope you will find some help and support from my experiences and thoughts. Please share your own whenever you wish to and find the time. I wish you the best with your medical issues.

On Aug 07, 2011 3aday wrote:
I forgot to add...I am sorry you broke your wrist/hand but I am glad you are making progress. Feel better...

On Aug 07, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             3aday-Becky, thanks. I broke it on Good Friday this April, and although it is not completely normal yet, and is frequently still painful, I have made great strides in recovery. I am even able to type with two hands again. My primary problems now are "getting a grip", since I can't make a fist yet, and gaining strength in my hand, wrist, arm so I can push or pick up things. I am working at it and I believe I am making progress every day.

On Aug 07, 2011 3aday wrote:
That is great that you can type with both hands again! I hope the strength in your wrist and hands comes back soon. I know for me, losing strength has been a little frustrating. I didn't realize how much I took the simple things for granted until I couldn't do it or didn't have the stamina to do certain things I did my whole life. I have to say....I love this website! I have been bouncing around and reading different posts and watching your videos. They have been delightful. Today was a low energy day and I have to say...all your videos made me smile: ) I love your cats!!! Your recipes are great too. I love the tidbits. As a non-snacker whose had to to start eating smaller meals due to my current situation, you have given me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

On Aug 07, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Becky, I am so happy you like DietHobby. Your complimentary comment give me a smile also.

On Aug 08, 2011 TexArk wrote:
Just a reminder that the hand and wrist will get stronger. It was my dominant right hand and wrist that I had to rehabilitate. I can now use a can opener (non electric) and my ring finger is back to normal I have to remind myself that healing takes time as I regain strength in my foot...maybe all the patience in losing weight slowly will help us in this process also. I have thought that time lapse photography might be a good thing in both areas!

On Aug 08, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi TexArk, after reading your comment I tried on my wedding ring to see if it would fit yet...but it doesn't. Thanks for giving me the idea to use that as a measurement of recovery.

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