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- POSTED ON: Jan 03, 2017

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On Jan 06, 2017 oolala53 wrote:
That's the funny part. People can think about food all the time but not pay attention to the food they're actually eating! Or even enjoy it. BTW, the notices that you had responded to a rash of comments I made one day got sent to my spam folder. When checked them as "not Span," Idon't know where they went! I did see the response you wrote to my question about how long it would take for 3 x 3 to "work." I can't even remember what other blogs I commented on. I knew you would respond! Sorry if you asked question and I didn't respond.

On Jan 06, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Oolala, It's all good. I don't recall you never responding to any question of mine. Probably I'd send you a private message at No S or FB if I had a specific question for you. I'm sure that my DietHobby answers went in the comments section under your comment in that specific blog unless they were answers inside Facebook ... in which case I have no idea where they went.

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