Digital Scrapbooking Issue

- POSTED ON: Apr 29, 2015

For a short time I'll be doing extra posts, so those of you who are subscribed to DietHobby posts will probably receive more e-mail notifications than is normal. This is only temporary, and will not be an ongoing thing.

As part of my current, in-depth Experimentation with the Three Principle concept, I've been collecting specific articles and videos that I find helpful to me, personally, so I can  "paste" them here inside my "digital scrapbook", Diethobby... "quilting" them together within my Blog Category called "The 3 Principles". 

Right now I'm "on a roll" in that: (1) I'm having fun doing this, and (2) I want to complete some specific "Three Principle" Blogs before my Vacation  ..... which starts at the end of next week.     

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On Apr 29, 2015 Wellness wrote:
Alright, understood, no problem. This is regarding the video you put up the other day correct by the gentleman who lost pounds by thinking different? I didn't catch what the 3 principles were, but understood thought was one of them right? so I look forward to your extra posts, thank you!

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