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- POSTED ON: Jul 13, 2014

On DietHobby, I post whenever I feel like it. 
Sometimes once a day, and sometimes less frequently.

My posts are all Diet-Related, and they consist of anything that I'm in the mood to share. Sometimes this is merely a picture; sometimes it's a long article; sometimes a video.

Every post becomes part of my DietHobby Scrapbook.

All posts are Timeless, and browsing through the DietHobby ARCHIVES provides ongoing inspiration, and reminds me of the Truths I've discovered about dieting and diets and myself.

Recently, I've posted lots of inspirational pictures rather than lengthy articles. This is because:

(1)  I haven't come across any new dieting ideas that I want to add to my Scrapbook here.

(2)  I've been spending lots of time writing on various forums that I frequent.

Right now, I'm in the middle of one of my diet experiments. As usual, my choice is to NOT write these while they are ongoing. Perhaps someday, down the road, I'll share about this one, but for now, all I'll say is, at present, everything is going well.

 It's all Good!

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On Jul 13, 2014 Alma wrote:
Your last paragraph is why I visit daily. Info you offer is proven. Your latest endeavor might not work for others but when you post it, you have proven it to work for YOU. My truest statement is: If I eat BREAD, my weight loss is DEAD!

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