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- POSTED ON: Nov 09, 2013

It seems that "Eating Healthy"  was a problem even 60+ years ago.
See this 1951 propaganda film for amusing and erroneous advice.


The message here:  "the way you ate made you sick"  is very similar to "the way you ate made you fat".  Both messages attach Blame for personal behavior. 

I find the film's portrayal of a "normal" sized family interesting.  Although the population here in the 2010s is generally heavier than the 1950s population, each member of this family (including the children) appeared to be heavier than the people who are commonly shown in most of today's food commercials.  

Mom appears to have a BMI well-above the Obesity border, and Dad's BMI probably is over that border as well .. although his weight might fall merely in the high-area of the Overweight BMI range. The girl (teenage?) appeared to have a mid-normal BMI -- which isn't thin enough for today's skinny jeans, and the pre-adolescent boy would need to wear relaxed-fit pants.

Look at the amount of food served here, and how much everyone was instructed to eat.  Although the film depicts the time of my own childhood, I was seldom served, or even allowed to eat,  such a large meal.  There are a great many calories in: a 4 to 6 oz glass of Juice, bowl of cereal, couple of eggs, a couple of pieces of bacon, some buttered toast and 8-10 oz glass of whole-milk.  About 1,000 + calories, which is actually MORE calories than my body (as a small, sedentary, elderly, female) will burn in an entire day.

Did anyone REALLY ever believe that a healthy person will get a stomach ache from:

  • eating a small amount of food really fast,


  • eating only a few bites at dinner due to an afternoon snack of a small sugared soda and candy bar?

Also notice how small the boy's soda bottle was.  And how just he tossed away the empty bottle and candy wrappers … although he was outside with NO waste containers anywhere about.

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Existing Comments:

On Nov 12, 2013 Kae wrote:
The 1st time I watched this clip I was so mesmerized by the actors' sizes and the food they were portraying as "healthy" and normal that I didn't even pay attention to what the narrator was saying lol and had to watch it again to fully digest the message. Weird .. being taught that eating a candy bar and drinking a small (8 oz?) soda will cause a tummy ache .. in all likeliness had this child actually eaten all the food given to him by his mom, even though it may be considered "healthy", would have most certainly given him a tummy ache at the very least :-0

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