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- POSTED ON: Oct 04, 2013




               We are not all the same.



I totally agree with the below quoted Facebook post by Kate of This is Not a Diet - its' your life.

"When someone says they have come to peace with their body, whether it's loose skin, extra weight, cellulite, stretch marks or any other perceived "flaw", let them have their peace. If I say I'm happy with my weight, I don't want you to give me your ideas for weight loss solutions. If I say I am at peace with my cellulite I don't want you to tell me it can be removed with a magic cream. If I say I love my thick thighs, I don't want a list of exercises to slim them. And if a person says they have come to terms with their loose skin and see it as a reminder of all they have been through, not a flaw, they really don't need you to tell them to have surgery.

I think a lot of people get so wrapped up in their own body issues, they can't imagine how any person can really make peace with "flaws" such as these. They believe the person must be lying or fooling themselves. This is a false perception.

Making peace with your body isn't about having a flawless body, it's about how you feel in your mind. There are thin people who hate their bodies and fat people who love their bodies and every variation in between. Don't make the mistake of equating fixing your body with fixing your self-image. If surgery is something you personally want to do, that's your choice. But it's not everyone's choice. Let us enjoy our peace, in peace.


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On Nov 26, 2013 Kae wrote:
I have never been at peace with my body .. not even when I weighed 122 lbs and was quite thin. I honestly can't imagine being at peace with my body as long as I'm overweight and/or out-of-shape .. by out-of-shape I mean not physically fit .. and being able to make the distinction between self-image and body acceptance feels like an impossible dream to me. The fact that "you" have achieved peace with your body .. that you accept and embrace yourself flaws and all .. is nothing short of inspirational and most definitely deserving of "me" accepting your acceptance :-)

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