Summer of 68

- POSTED ON: May 27, 2013

Today begins what I am calling my summer of 68.

The picture above expresses my current mood. I want to take an information vacation on a private beach. During this, my 8th maintenance summer season, I plan to keep my dieting efforts consistent while sharing less about the ongoing specifics of my individual behaviors. 

Right now, I have nothing new to say, and I don't feel a need to keep sharing the same old things over and over.  DietHobby is my online scrapbook.  I've already shared many of my personal experiences, and the majority of my Thoughts, Ideas, Hopes, and Beliefs about dieting.

   These are now all part of the easily accessible, DietHobby ARCHIVES. If you have an interest in what I'm thinking or doing...Go there. 

Whenever the mood strikes me, I'll post here, and will continue to add articles which I find personally helpful or interesting to this online scrapbook. 

PLEASE NOTE: The fact that I choose not to post about my specific individual maintenance difficulties does NOT mean they've been eliminated or resolved.

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Existing Comments:

On May 30, 2013 Alma wrote:
Have a good summer and know that I will still come here sporadically. I appreciate the diligence of all that you have shared!

On May 31, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Alma, I'll still be posting over the summer, just less frequently. =)

On Jun 20, 2013 Wellness wrote:
I see what you are saying, and reflection and guarding what one says is wise and very considerate to not only self, but others; thank you. I grew up hearing that above sayng next tot he pink flowers from my mom. Further she use to always tell me, "To know someone is to live with them", so no judgement here for you, you have indeed shared much, it is much appreciated, and we all need time to and for ourselves.

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