All Goals Are Not Reachable For All People

- POSTED ON: May 17, 2013

A common MYTH is the idea that
…with enough effort…,
it is possible for everyone to be able
to reach the same goals.

not all goals are reachable
for all people

The existence of this Myth tends to be overlooked or forgotten when it comes to weight and what our bodies can accomplish.

As a result of this blindness or memory loss, overweight or obese people are wrongfully perceived as morally inferior and weak and lazy. Efforts to Diet become internalized “attempts at redemption.”

Our culture contains an enormous Diet Industry. This is a particular form of economic and commercial activity involving the marketing of food, equipment, and drugs etc. as well as the marketing of information, and services from “experts”.

The term Diet Industry “Experts” involves a wide range of information givers, which includes “successful dieters”; trainers; dietitians; nutritionists; therapists, doctors and other medical professionals; hospitals; drug companies; scientists; educators; authors; publishers; journalists; politicians; and various organizations of all types, including “health care” organizations.

Unfortunately, a close look at the Diet Industry shows that even successfully following any Diet, … even those diets that we choose to call: a “Lifestyle Change”, a “Way-of-Eating” Plan, a “non-diet” plan, … doesn’t really bring us a permanent Solution for long-term weight-control.

However, long-term weight-control has never been a requirement or even a primary goal of the Diet Industry, nor the motivation behind it. Any study of the Diet Industry shows that it is a “triumph of capitalist success in selling promises to desperate people”.

One of the ways the Diet Industry sustains itself is by subtly connecting people to “ideals” of body-weight – even though those ideals are unattainable or unsustainable for the vast majority of the population.

 A Yorkshire Terrier and a German Shepherd are both black and tan, and they both are of the same “species.” That doesn’t mean one can become the other’s size and weight – “if they just try hard enough!

We are not all the same.
We do not all look the same.
We cannot all look the same, no matter how hard we might try.

This such a difficult concept to get people to understand and to remember.
  It is the OPPOSITE of the lie that our Culture tells us every single day. The Diet Industry, in particular, would like us to keep believing that if we just do the right things, each of us can wake up one day with a Body that looks like a fashion, fitness, or other advertising model who is pictured online, or in magazines, television or movies. 

 It is important for each of us to understand and remember that this is a MYTH.
Although this might be true for a VERY small percentage of people with the right genetic makeup, it is simply not true in general. It is simply NOT TRUE for almost Everyone. 

We need to rise above this MYTH. In order to find peace, we need to ACCEPT our own genetic, physical, psychological, cultural, and behavioral differences. We each need to learn how to live with our own self, and to be happy with the specific body that each of us individually has.

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On May 19, 2013 jethro wrote:
Although I agree with the premise that it's a "MYTH the idea that …with enough effort…, it is possible for everyone to be able to reach the same goals," I do believe everyone is capable of reaching the goal of being the best they can ever be and I believe that to reach that goal we need 100% effort.

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