O Christmas Tree

- POSTED ON: Dec 16, 2012


We got a very tiny Christmas tree this year, because of our new adopted kitten, Layla.  I found her at the SPCA, where someone brought her after she was abandoned by her previous owner.  She is a tortoiseshell, now about 5 months old, and very, very sweet. I got a book to refresh my knowledge about training new cats, and have been working to Think Like a Cat.

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Existing Comments:

On Dec 16, 2012 wrote:
Hi Phyllis, I believe you will find at the end of the day, cats have a mind of their own. In short, you new addtion will train you.....LOL. Have fun and keep an eye on the tree.

On Dec 17, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi John, Lovin' my new little cat.

On Dec 17, 2012 jethro wrote:
What a cutie!

On Dec 18, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Jethro, the tabby cat on the poster looks a lot like my lovely Boodie, but her expression is the same as my new kitten, Layla, who is black and tan and rust multicolor. One of these days when I do another video, I'll film her ... or ... I Guess I could also just take a picture of her and post it.

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