How Little It Takes

- POSTED ON: Aug 06, 2012

A member of a forum I frequent left me the following message:

You have a great website there.
It's very interesting to read the perspective of one of the exceptions,
who has lost a large amount of weight and kept it off.
I love your honesty about how little you have to eat to avoid regaining.
But I also find it quite scary!
I find it very difficult to imagine myself eating like you
(in terms of calorie intake and portion size) for the rest of my life.
It worries me that the amount I should eat to maintain
is actually less than the amount I'm currently eating to lose weight.
No wonder maintenance is difficult for people who have been very big!

It IS scarey how little I need to eat to maintain in the normal weight range.
Those weight charts that connect calorie needs to bodyweight
are inaccurate for a great many people...including me.

One thing that people often don't get .... is that THE REALLY SCAREY THING
is how little my body needs in order to maintain my weight ANYWHERE...
even in the morbid obesity weight range....

I didn't get to eat everything I wanted to eat whenever I wanted to eat it,
and still not gain, even at 220 or even 250 lbs.
As a short, older, sedentary woman I was only averaging around 1600 - 1800 calories a day
during that couple of years when I gained from the 160s up into the 190s.
AND my weight was still slowly climbing.

Evidence indicates that is very difficult for me to maintain at any weight.
I can choose to work to maintain in the "normal" range,
I can choose to work to maintain well inside the "obesity" range.

Since I have to work hard anyway, to maintain anywhere,
If it is at all possible,
I'd rather do what it takes to weigh in the normal range.

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Existing Comments:

On Aug 10, 2012 Alma wrote:
As a large person, I have reached a conclusion that it is easier to snack all day on the right foods rather than to cook and be tempted to eat too much of the higher calorie/carbohydrate foods. I find myself eating lots of raw GREEN and YELLOW fruits and vegetables and most of it is lower calorie and carbs. Sugar free jello and celery cut into bite size in the fridge is a must. Lean meat is rolled into lettuce leaves. Pork rinds are a must due to low carbs and calories. The shelf is stocked with all kinds of greens and asparagus ready to drain and eat. It is hard to cook and not want to eat more than I should. I did much better when I was working but now it is tough to have access all day to the pantry and fridge. It is even harder because I love to bake and that is not a good thing for me to have around....

On Aug 10, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Alma, I firmly believe that each person needs to determine for himself/herself their own eating styles and eating patterns. Every "diet" or "food plan" or "type of eating" works for someone, and we each can find our own individual ways by paying attention and doing some experimentation.

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