It has a Price.

- POSTED ON: Jul 14, 2012


I recently read a helpful forum post about maintenance, which quotes a statement
frequently used by me. This post is quoted below:

"Being fat is hard.
Losing weight is hard.
Keeping off weight is hard.
Pick your hard."

If you want to keep off the weight you lost, you can never go back to exactly the way you were before. You have to keep living a changed life.

You have to figure out what you're willing to "pay" to keep off the weight. You're not going to pay in money but you're going to pay in time & in having to consider your choices. You will likely pay in some loss of spontaneity and thoughtlessness. Others will be able to eat unthinkingly and you probably never will.

That is, of course, if you like your life at a lower weight, and you are willing to make the tradeoff to stay there.

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Existing Comments:

On Jul 16, 2012 Selkie wrote:
As always, you are absolutely on target, whether in words or actions!

On Jul 16, 2012 Selkie wrote:
PS I've been away for awhile, as you know, but after catching up a bit by wandering around your site for awhile, I am VERY impressed at how it has developed. Well done!!! And, thank you!!!

On Jul 16, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Selkie, It's really good to see you here again.

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