A Peek Into My Life

- POSTED ON: Feb 20, 2011



The focus of DietHobby is the various aspects of Dieting.
However, since DietHobby is my site, participating here
makes you one of my online friends, so occasionally
I plan to share a bit of introductory personal information.

This is one of these times.

Here’s picture of me with my husband at our wedding.
FYI: I spent more than 6 months on a medically-supervised liquid diet
to drop down to 150 lbs, in order to fit into my wedding dress, but I still think it was worth it.


 We’ve been together now for almost 30 years, and I’m still very fond of him.
Here is a recent picture of us, and the card he gave me on Valentine’s day.


I have an adult daughter, an adult son, and an adult step-son,
who are now in their 30s and 40s, but my mind still sees my son and my daughter like this.


I'm an Attorney, retired after 25 years of Practicing Family Law.
Here are pictures of my sign and former office.







 FYI - I probably weighed somewhere in the 180s in this office picture.

When the construction on this DietHobby site is completed,
there will be a gallery, where I intend to occasionally post
relevant photographs – hopefully most of them on interesting topics.

Enough for personal details. 
I look forward to sharing the adventure of DietHobby with you.



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Existing Comments:

On Feb 20, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing. DH & I will celebrate our 30th anniversary this June. I am honored to be his wife.

On Feb 28, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, looks like we both made good marital choices.

On Feb 21, 2011 TexArk wrote:
Thanks for sharing this part of your life. I love to see happy marriages. DH and I just celebrated 42 wonderful years of marriage. He has always supported my "diet hobby" and now he is totally engaged in the process. Three cheers for Gary Taubes!

On Feb 28, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             TexArk, 42 years is a very long time. Congratulations.

On Feb 21, 2011 rroush wrote:
I love the pictures of you and your husband! You two look so happy together your kids are just adorable and its funny that no matter how old they get, they will always be your little kids. Thanks for sharing such personal information. It really adds a personal touch to your blog. I also think it's quite amazing that you were so dedicated to lose weight before your wedding. I get excited about the idea of losing weight for special occasions but it never seems to work out quite as planned.

On Feb 28, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Rebecca. My wedding was such a big event in my life, that I was totally determined to do whatever it took to finally fulfill my childhood "Bride" dream.

On Feb 24, 2011 webmaster wrote:
However, I work a different kind of keyboard nowadays. :P

On Feb 24, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Yes, Drew. But the one you use now is silent, and ..as this website demonstrates... produces a harmonious result. If I correctly recall the very distant past....this was not the case when your keyboard was the piano.

On Feb 26, 2011 webmaster wrote:
So... is that a way of saying it's too late for piano lessons? Just curious. :P

On Feb 26, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Drew, I'm certain that you could learn anything you put your mind to.

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