Finish each day and be done with it.

- POSTED ON: Aug 01, 2011



VidCon was interesting.

I engaged myself in enjoyable activities,
One of these enjoyable activities was eating more calories than normal,
and now I must deal with the consequences.

Some time soon, I will share a bit more about my YouTube conference experience,
but right now I am exhausted. I still have to unpack and return my rental car,
and today is the 1st of the month, which is the day I do banking and bill paying etc.

My goal for today is to get back into my maintenance eating groove,
and to make a plan as to what I will do during the next few weeks
in order to take off my vacation weight-gain.

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Existing Comments:

On Aug 01, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
Welcome home Phyllis :) I'm inspired by your words of wisdom today such good advice to learn to let go. As today is my bday I am allowing myself up to 2000 calories it's been over a year since I had a D'Angelo's chicken salad sub and that's 1040 alone :o Then tmw I am going to really buckle down w/my calories; my goal being to keep them as close to 1500/day as I can all month. I'm going to follow a whole food diet with a 35%fat/20%protein/45%carb ratio to start and may change that as I go based upon how I feel :) I'm happy to volunteer to be your "diet buddy" temporarily if you think that sharing the same diet w/a friend would be helpful in motivating you as I certainly could use the jumpstart; I should warn you that I don't think I could go for more than a week - 10 days eating 1000 cal/day :) Have a great day good luck w/your food plan I hope you get to bed early tonight and get lots of rest. So glad you enjoyed your time @ the conference :)

On Aug 01, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Happy Birthday, Kimberly. I hope you really enjoy your chicken salad sub and other special birthday foods. Although I'd be delighted to have you for a diet buddy, I haven't yet decided what food plan will work for me this month, and I'm leaning toward an extreme and intense short-term effort. We are in different stages of our weight-loss, and I suspect that each of us will do far better by following our own individual plan.

On Aug 02, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
Thank you Phyllis :) I certainly did enjoy my bday treats and I'm especially proud that this year I was very strict in what I brought into the house for myself - for instance I had a cupcake instead of a cake :) I can't say as I'm disappointed that your current thinking of going on a short term drastic diet does not fit well w/where I am in my wgt loss heehee I wasn't really looking forward to cutting down to 1000 calories/day let alone less eeek :) We certainly can encourage & support each other as we follow our separate plans though and I truly look forward to that <3

On Aug 02, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Kimberly, it sounds like you had a good plan for your Birthday. I also look forward to mutual encouragement and support as we follow our separate food plans.

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