Monday Morning

- POSTED ON: Jul 18, 2011


It's Monday morning, mid-July, and I'm finding it hard to Find inspiration for myself, let alone Provide any inspiration for others.

The day-to-day sharing that maintaining this website requires is sometimes Challenging for me. My personal focus is continued, consistent weight-maintenance efforts, together with working to achieve a positive outlook on all aspects of my life. This takes ongoing physical and mental effort, and, although it might appear to be an easy task, it is not.

 I experience the same moods as you, and sometimes the "Monday blues" are difficult. Despite continued effort at positive thinking, positive consistent behavior, and patient waiting, my body is not dropping the 5 lbs or so that have crept on during the past few years and sometimes I feel angry and discouraged about that situation.

I remind myself how far I've come, and how maintaining a 150 lb loss is great, despite that 5 lb creep, and although I'm grateful...I'm still P***ed Off. But, I'm not going to drive my car over a cliff just because it has a scratch on it, and I'm not going to give myself permission to overeat,  simply matter what or how much I eat and/or exercise... the "minus 3500 calories = 1 fat pound lost rule"  no longer seems to be applicable to my body.

So this every morning...I recorded my weight in my diet software. I'm writing this article, and then I'm going to have one of my normal low-cal breakfasts, which I will record in that diet software.  I will then go about the remainder of my daily tasks, and will continue to work to keep my food-intake calories down,and record every bite I take. This is a habit I've established, and a great deal of the time I find it enjoyable.

 For a variety of reasons, I feel a bit down this morning, so....what to do?..... First, I allow myself to feel it, avoiding frantic attempts at escape. Next, I go about my daily tasks, and just do the next indicated thing.

Feelings are like the tide. They go in and out, come and go,  Both the "good" and the "bad". All feelings are part of us, and none of us escapes them. We just have to ride them out while we struggle to stay afloat.

The chances are good that in a short time I'll feel better, and before the day is over, there will be at least a few times when I'll feel really good.

 Life has given me another day with an assortment of possibilities, and I get to choose personal behaviors that will tend to lead me toward positive results.

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Existing Comments:

On Jul 18, 2011 rroush wrote:
Hi Phyllis, I have these days too. They aren't any fun. It sure is easier to be on the outside looking in and seeing where you came from compared to where you are now. You have made amazing strides and continue to be so very positive and happy in life. Maintenance is an awesome and inspiring accomplishment that I relish seeing in you. I hope you have a better Tuesday. :-)

On Jul 19, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks, Rebecca, for those very kind words.

On Jul 19, 2011 older/wiser wrote:
I do not like those kind of days either! sometimes I think I give myself too much to do and do not leave enough time to just sit back and reflect.. on everything and nothing! Lately, if I am not feeling motivated to do anything, and I am a firm believer in doing the tasks I feel like doing at the moment (unless there is something urgent I must do), then I do nothing! Stare out the window..listen to music.. let my mind wander and wonder. I always feel refreshed after these "sessions" with new ideas and plans. I think that with age comes the freedom to say "not today" to many of the mundane tasks we were required to do when we had jobs, babies, houses, and laundry that required daily attention. You have carved yourself a whole new world and I applaud you.. I just wouldn't want to take on the tasks that you have. I think you are bringing a lot of great information to many folks and I do appreciate your hard work! I am in awe of your ability (and that of your son!)

On Jul 19, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Older/wiser, Thanks. I am also grateful for the freedom to say "not today" that comes with growing older. I am fortunate in that I now have very few things in my life that actually have to be done "immediately".

On Jul 20, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
the "minus 3500 calories = 1 fat pound lost rule" no longer seems to be applicable to my body.*****It does not apply to me as well. Though when I first started losing I used this deficit number as a guide, I find that now it is rather meaningless in maintaining.

On Jul 20, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, this is the type of thing that can only become visible with the type of consistent food tracking in a software program. I think there haven't been enough maintainers using such programs long enough for "experts" to even consider this possibility as a truth. Conventional wisdom is that we are lying or underestimating our food calorie intake if...over time...our bodies don't respond in compliance with "the rules". However, my own recent conclusion is that...based on the evidence I see...there are some serious real life ommissions and flaws in those "rules" despite the fact that they are now accepted as conventional wisdom.

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