Diet Cookies for YouTube

- POSTED ON: Jul 16, 2011

I like cats.

Recently I've been busy making, individually wrapping, 
and freezing tiny diet cookies to give out at a YouTube conference
which I'm attending in LA at the end of this month
together with my web-genuis son.

These cookies' claim to the status of diet, is because they are sugar-free
and only about 1 in square by 1/4 inch thick, and less than 25 calories each. 
I need between 600 and 1200 cookies. 
Making them is easy, because they are bar cookies,
but wrapping them invididually is quite a time consuming task. 

For those who are interested in watching my most recent
Ask Grandma YouTube video, which talks about the cookies and event,
you can find it 
HERE under RESOURCES, Videos, Ask Grandma.


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