Think Differently

- POSTED ON: Jul 13, 2011

 Sometimes we feel stuck.
Stuck in our eating patterns;
stuck in how much we weigh,
stuck in how we feel about ourselves.
This tends to lead us to a feeling of
hopelessness that we can’t seem to shake.

A look at new possibilities can move us
away from that black- and -white thinking
that we have during the times when we feel stuck.

When we start considering possibilities,
we alter our thinking just slightly to consider
that there is a possibility that things could be different,
that other behavioral options can exist for us.

We don’t have to start with an actual change,
just a consideration of a possible change.

When we’re on the sofa, and junk food is calling us by name,
we can choose to eat it, Or, we have the possibility
of making another choice. We can choose to go online,
or take a walk. We canchoose a different activity.

Do we have to? No! 
Do we want to? Maybe No
But there is a part of us that might like
experimenting with doing something different

Will we go online? Will we take a walk?
Perhaps, if we know the possibility of doing it exists.
No pressure, no rules, just internally giving ourselves an option.

If weight-loss success is our goal,
we have options, and those options give us
a variety of different paths to get there.

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Existing Comments:

On Jul 13, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
When we start considering possibilities, we alter our thinking just slightly to consider that there is a possibility that things could be different**** Is this not the start of the beginning? If I do not know something else, how can I change? But if I encounter another idea that seems worthy of further investigation, then I perhaps I will choose another path.

On Jul 13, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Yes, Karen, that's it exactly.

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