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- POSTED ON: Jun 19, 2011


The ability that our bodies have to adapt to our behavior is remarkable.
One thing about counting calories is that no matter how careful we are,
the number we deal with is still an estimate.

As most of you know,
PERSONALLY, I choose to log all of my food into a computer journal every day,
which forces me to continually face my own food intake and my own food issues

I do my best to keep my calorie averages around a specific number,
because I am personally unable to keep my calorie-intake consistently similar, day-after-day.

Remember, our bodies are organic adapting devices,
not mechanical devices...
...although almost every "expert" uses the mechanical model

as an example of the way our bodies work.

A mechanical device in good working order, operates the same way every time.
A specific behavior - like pulling a lever- always causes the same result.
This is NOT true of our bodies, because we are organic adaptive creatures.
Although basics general laws of nature apply, there are great variations between
individual bodies, and even between the results of the same body at different times.

It is very hard to sustain consistent and patient eating behavior
when we do not see the hoped-for-weight-results,
but that is actually the requirement for successful weight-loss
and for long-term weight maintenance.

Sometimes we get tired of the struggle.
Sometimes we just want to "do what comes naturally"
...unfortunately this results in eating the way we did when we became fat....,
and actually, that Behavior is the only one with Guaranteed Results.
We will become fat again, only this time it will happen a little faster,

and we will become a little fatter.

For many years, I've also found a Focus on Behavior,
rather than on Results, to be essential for my own success.

One of the things I like about Reinhard of the No S Diet
is that he agrees with me in this.
On page 130 of Reinhard's book,  'The No S Diet"
regarding a "focus on behavior" he states :

"When you focus on behavior,
you get results thrown into the bargain
because behavior causes results.

When you focus on results,
you get neither because results cannot exist without behavior.
And behavior, besides being a better thing to measure,
is also an easier thing to measure.

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