No Clue

- POSTED ON: May 01, 2012

Sometimes I'm the "Expert", and I feel that I know what is going on
with my body, with my life, with the world.
At other times, I have no clue.

Right now, today, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.
I've almost forgotten why I started this DietHobby website
or what my purpose here is.
This includes why I ever thought that putting my thoughts here
has any value for me, or for anyone else.

Obiously, I'm STILL feeling out-of-sorts
What does out-of-sorts even mean?
I looked it up and found:

  • "Evidently the term out of sorts developed from the idea of quality (lack of it in this case), perhaps influenced by the other meaning of fate or one’s lot in life, so implying that fortune wasn’t smiling on one, or that all wasn’t well."

  • "If you are feeling a bit upset and depressed, you are out of sorts".
  • "wanting certain things; unsatisfied; unwell; unhappy; cross"

Yes… out of sorts, is an accurate description for my current state of mind.

So, what is my Maintenance plan for today?
To realize that in my life, various moods come and go, and to Eat less, Move more.  

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Existing Comments:

On May 01, 2012 TexArk wrote:
I hear you! I have been taking care of elderly parents for the last 3 years and one has recently passed away. Now I am trying to handle the estate issues with dementia stepmom. Wish you were here!!! There has been more stress in my life in the last 5 years than all previous years combined. You know some of it ...broken bones, etc. And you have been an inspiration. But, I too, still deal with weight management. I have recently decided after further self experimentation and further study that I simply have to get more exercise (cardio and resistance) into my daily life. I didn't want to believe that I would need 60-90 minutes daily in order to maintain as an older woman who is formerly obese. But I think it is true. I cannot restrict my intake any more and I am not having cravings and binges now that I am grain and sugar free, but still...I am fighting the battle. I have never lost the last 10 which at one time would have been the last 20! So it is off the computer and off to the gym like it or not!

On May 01, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             TexArk, Five of the most difficult years of my life were the final 5 years of my mother's life, who suffered from Alzheimers, so I understand and sympathize with your stress. During this past year I have slacked off from some of my exercise, due to the time other activities were due to the recovery of my broken arm This probably has something to do with my weight creep and also exercise tends to life my mood. I'm also working on increasing my exercise a bit. I doubt if I will go back to the doing 1 to 2 hrs every day, but it would be good if I did at least SOME every day.

On May 01, 2012 Karen925 wrote:
I hope this time passes quickly. I enjoy your thoughts and recipes greatly and wish I could offer you something equally helpful in return. Know that I will keep you and yours in my prayers.

On May 01, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thank you Karen. I find it is sometimes helpful...both for me and for others... to share who I am, and the fact that I don't always feel positive or successful. What I do is work hard toward positivity and toward success...and some days this takes more work than others. I find your sharing to be very helpful, and I'm always pleased to hear from you and to find out how things are going for you.

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