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- POSTED ON: Mar 23, 2011


One of my Themes here at DietHobby is that  
we are each individuals and one eating plan doesn’t work for everyone.
There are many different ways-of-eating, food-plans, and diets,
to choose from that we can adapt and fit into our lives.

Some of these diets seem to work better than others,
but all of them work for someone.

Successful dieters vary greatly in their eating styles.
Some eat large meals, others eat small meals.
Some eat three meals, no snacks. Some eat six mini-meals.
Some eat only lunch and dinner. Some eat only dinner.
Some skip dinner. Some eat only snacks.

 Meal timing, meal frequency,
and the amounts and types of food eaten
are all variable factors within the many dieting choices.

When deciding how to Categorize my Recipe Sections,
I took this into consideration, and chose not to break them
into categories like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Side dishes, Desserts.

For the present, I’ve decided to break them up into the following categories:

  • Mini-Meals very simple or snack type recipes
  • Mealtime  –  main dish or side dish recipes
  • Sweet Tastes dessert type recipes

Here is my new cooking video, which belongs in the Mealtime category.

Ever Have One Of Those Days?
- POSTED ON: Mar 22, 2011



Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up feeling good,
but then someone steps on your plans and dreams for the day?

As I watched this recent video
which was created, produced and filmed by my son-the-web-genius,

I realized…for most of us.....

Some days are just like this.

Update on Low-Carb Experiment-of-One
- POSTED ON: Mar 21, 2011

Due to the information contained in Gary Taubes’
'Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It',
in January I began a low-carb eating experiment-of one.
I followed that plan through January,
then went back to normal eating during a vacation week early in February. 
Immediately after that vacation, I began low-carb eating again.
On 3/20/11, Sunday,  I completed another 6 consecutive weeks.
I'm calling my Plan VLC-2011 (for very-low-carb, year 2011).

My plan is to do my best to maintain the same eating Habits
that I've previously established,
including tracking all my food in my DietPower food journal,
while working toward keeping my net carbs at, or less than, 30 per day,
and my daily calorie average similar to my past year's amount.

This is not a plan I can recommend to anyone. 
I don't even know how it will work in my own body.
I'd like to do this experiment for a 6 month period,
but if my weight climbs...or there are other unforeseen side-effects,
I will terminate it early.

Years ago, my DietPower journal became an enjoyable Habit for me,
and it easily tracks my carbs, fats, proteins and calories etc.
I also log in my daily scale weight and DietPower graphs it for me,
which enables me see whether my weight is trending up or down over time.

Thus far, I am still enjoying the novelty of eating this low-carb way.
I'm not following a specific low-carb plan. like Atkins or Protein Power etc.,,
I'm just working to restrict my carbohydrate intake,
and trying to keep my protein and fat intake around the same number of grams.
This results in my fat Ratio percentage being about twice my protein Ratio percentage,
because protein is 4 calories a gram and fat is 9 calories a gram.
Allegedly, my minimum protein requirement
is between 20 grams (WHO) and 36 grams (US RDA).
I usually take in between 50 and 100 grams.

I am aware of the Atkins "carb ladder", which puts foods in about 10 categories,
but I am choosing not to follow it, rung by rung etc.
The current Theory is that each of our bodies is different in the way it tolerates carbs,
and that some people need more restrictions than others.
I found it Interesting that Sugar and Refined Grains are NOT on the ladder at all...
meaning they are off-limits to everyone, always.
Makes sense to me.

I have been avoiding sugar and refined starch,
and I have also been mostly successful at avoiding complex carbs
including whole grains, dry cooked beans, and starchy veggies like corn, potatoes etc,
because these have a really high carb count....
AND I've found that eating a small amount of them
causes me to crave much more of them,
plus it seems to start up a craving in me for foods with sugar and refined starch as well.

I found that after the first week, my cravings
for sugar and starchy foods were greatly reduced.
Although they still exist, they are not as severe.
Right now, they are sort of an occasional thought..."um, that would taste good"...
instead of an incessant yammer..."GET ME THAT".
I still want the carby substance, but mostly I don't feel like I HAVE to have it.
which is a change.

 My morning weight is mostly staying inside the 115 - 116 lb range.
This is good.
It is also somewhat different, because on a "normal-balanced" diet,
my morning weight bounces around a great deal from day to day,
and my norm is to easily bounce within a 5 to 8 lb range during any one month.

I have many different measures of Success in this Low-Carb Experiment.
However, Failure would be an upward weight-trend,
and/or Hunger and Cravings greater than I experience while eating a "normal-balanced" diet. that I am not currently experiencing Failure...thus far, it is a Success.
My quote for today is:

"A person who never made a mistake
never tried anything new.
.........................              Albert Einstein

Life Keeps Changing
- POSTED ON: Mar 20, 2011


 I’ve now had 5 years of maintenance at my current weight,
and I still Hope it will get easier one of these days.

I've learned that:
Things don't happen the same way twice.
The way I lose weight or maintain weight now is not the same way
that I lost weight or maintained weight five years ago.
I can't EXACTLY repeat the things I did before,
because I'm a different person now.

I'm 5 years older.
Although I am in very good health,
the human body is DESIGNED to wear out with age.
No matter how hard I work at staying fit,
now that I'm over 60, I am ageing more rapidly,
and I can see and feel that Process happening.
Some activities and exercises that I could do 5 years ago,
my present body will no longer tolerate.

My body has also now spent years adjusting and adapting to burn less energy.
Retirement from my profession changed my lifestyle.
I am active, but in a different way.

This is the Challenge.

What works now won't work forever.
You have to keep changing and adapting,
because life keeps changing whether you like it or not

Here is my most recent Video, the second of my Thinspiration series.

Disordered Eating
- POSTED ON: Mar 19, 2011


Disordered eating is defined as
having eating habits that might present a risk to mental or physical health,
without exhibiting all the symptoms of a “recognized eating disorder”.

The term “eating disorder” is defined as
a mental illness; a brain problem that creates obsessive thoughts
and compulsive behaviors around food and the body.

Using the above definitions, it seems clear to me that mental health professionals
could manage to place almost every obese person somewhere in those categories,
which increases their marketing target and their potential financial profit.

It is the position of mental health professionals that
all people with disordered eating behaviors and
all people who exhibit symptoms of eating disorders
should receive psychological treatment to correct those conditions.

        I don't agree.

Therapy is helpful to relieve mental distress,
and if disordered eating or an eating disorder is the cause of extreme mental distress,
therapy can be beneficial when its purpose is to make people feel better about themselves..

However, in the case of “disordered eating” psychological treatment frequently
appears to merely be an effort to force people to conform to specific social norms of behavior.
And, perhaps, conformity isn’t always such a worthwhile goal.
Maybe other values are more important.

My opinions about “disordered eating” and “eating disorders” are somewhat controversial,
and over time I’ll be saying a great deal more on the subject.
But for now, I’ll leave you with the following song about disordered eating.

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