Finish each day and be done with it.
- POSTED ON: Aug 01, 2011



VidCon was interesting.

I engaged myself in enjoyable activities,
One of these enjoyable activities was eating more calories than normal,
and now I must deal with the consequences.

Some time soon, I will share a bit more about my YouTube conference experience,
but right now I am exhausted. I still have to unpack and return my rental car,
and today is the 1st of the month, which is the day I do banking and bill paying etc.

My goal for today is to get back into my maintenance eating groove,
and to make a plan as to what I will do during the next few weeks
in order to take off my vacation weight-gain.

Work, Love, Dance
- POSTED ON: Jul 31, 2011



On Sunday, 7/31/11, I'll be driving home from VidCon.
It has been an interesting time, and I can't help but compare
the experience to conferences I've attended in my past.

During my first marriage, I attended a great many church conferences.
During my legal career, I attended a great many State Bar conferences.
This weekend I attended a YouTube conference.

Organizationally, all three conference types have a great deal in common.
The social structure of each type of conference has many similarities,

There is a hierarchy of people. ..the organizers...the volunteer helpers...
the workers...aka industry..those who have made it big,
and those who have a respectable following;
those who want to make a lot of money, those who have fame, those that seek fame,
those that just want to be around fame, and those who just want to have a good time.

This YouTube conference was different than any conference I've previously attended,
in that it was packed with young, energetic people who were wide open to life,
to positive experiences, and to friendship with others.
I enjoyed being around them, and was grateful for their kind attention to me.

My son, the web-genius, had many positive experiences
as he connected with his YouTube friends and acquaintances,
the brief time that we spent together has been pleasant,
and I feel very grateful to my Higher Power for this.


Wisdom with Age?
- POSTED ON: Jul 30, 2011

This is my 100th Words of Wisdom Video,
and I found this one appropriate for the occasion.


At Vidcon
- POSTED ON: Jul 29, 2011

Just checking in from VidCon in Los Angeles.
I'm having a good time, passing out diet cookies 
as the YouTube Grandma to all my YouTube Grandbabies.

My activity level is very high,
and my injured left wrist/hand and another old injury to a muscle in my right thigh
are acting up and causing me some discomfort.

The past two days I've eaten more than I burned,
and, now that I'm in the situation, I expect that this will also be the case
for the remainder of the time I'm here. I'm going to do my best to limit the damage,
and deal with corrective behavior when I get back home.

So, if any of you thought I was perfect, you are mistaken.

Today's blog lacks inspiration, but I don't have the energy.
It seems like I've talked to a million people
and It's time for me to get back downstairs again.
Today, I found out that they have allowed 2500 people to reigster
and that there are another 2000 hanging around the hotel, hoping to
participate outside the meeting rooms. 

Going to VidCon
- POSTED ON: Jul 27, 2011



This afternoon I'm picking up a rental car,
then picking up my web-genius son,
and driving us to Los Angeles to VidCon.

VidCon is short for the annual YouTube Video Convention.
The first was in 2010, and this will be the second.
All 1200 spots have been sold out for quite some time.
I got an e-mail a few weeks ago asking anyone who had  ticket
but had changed their plans and didn't intend to go,
to return it for a full refund, because there is a waiting list of more than 1000.

I'm taking 1,100 individually wrapped, tiny, homemade, diet cookies
for the "YouTube Grandma" (me)  to pass out.
I've devised a plan on how and when I'm going to do that,
and I'll be interested to see how it works out.

I can admit to you, my friends who read DietHobby,
that VidCon, for me, is 90% about pleasing my son.
He produces, films and edits all of the videos of one of the YouTube "superstars",
and knows some of the big names there...however, he, himself, does not have a "big" name,
and he is a little anxious about how it's all going to go for him.

The hotel was sold out, so he will be sleeping in an extra bed in my room
which means I'll be more involved in his life than usual.
I just want everything to work out for him, and if it doesn't go as he hopes,
it is going to take a great deal of energy for me to remain positive.

This is sort of a first for us.
It could be a really good time, or the opposite.
However, I am determined to maintain a positive attitude
and I have made plans to guarantee that I, personally,
will have the best time matter what.

If I can find the time, I will make daily entries here,
and if not...please know that I'm thinking about you.

Today's video was based on my Thoughts about VidCon
and the social organization there, the stars, the fans, and the others.
Sociology was my college major, and I have always found such issues interesting.

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