Burning Bridges
- POSTED ON: Feb 29, 2016

If it’s time to move on… then go.
But if you are thinking about intentionally burning bridges as you exit, think again. 
It isn’t worth your time or effort. 
You never know what the collateral damage may be, or if you will ever need the bridge again. 
Put your effort into your future, not your past.

10 Reasons why Burning Bridges is a Waste of Time:

  1.     Burning Bridges is Childish –  This is the purest case of the immature child not getting their way. You are upset so you are going to throw a fit and stomp off.

  2.     You Don’t Know What Will Burn – When you play with fire, you never know what is going to burn.

  3.     Never Say Never –You never ever know when life may bring you back down this path.

  4.     It’s a Small World – Someone you burn now, could end up on the other side of the equation down the road.

  5.     It Wastes Time & Energy –  Burning bridges is a waste of time and energy.

  6.     There Is No Satisfaction – You think there will be great satisfaction in telling off someone. You will find that this fades quickly.

  7.     You Are Not Always Right – It could be you. Really, it could be. And you may not realize it for some time, or ever.  Sometimes perspectives are going to be different no matter what.

  8.     It May Be Them, but it Doesn’t Matter – You may be right, after all. However, most bad people do not see themselves that way. There is no reason to argue at this stage. Move along.

  9.     Someone Else May Need the Bridge – People often burn bridges because they think they will not need them again. However, what if someone you know needs that bridge at a later time, but you have already destroyed it?

  10.     You May Not Get Burned, But You Will Still Smell of Smoke – Your r...

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