A Focus on Behavior
- POSTED ON: Jan 31, 2016



The wind = my weight-loss

The sails = my eating







Living the Moment
- POSTED ON: Jan 30, 2016


Intermittent Fasting via 5-Bites
- POSTED ON: Jan 29, 2016

I frequently experiment with various “Diets”, “Lifestyles”, and “Ways-of-Eating”.  I do this randomly, depending on what catches my interest at the time, or what I think will benefit me most at the time.

While I am participating in such an experiment,  I sometimes share small bits of my own current eating experiences, but I do not share anything about other participants.  Also, I don’t make any kind of in-depth analysis while data is coming in…. which means not until long after an experiment has been completed.

As part of my involvement with any specific diet plan, I try to keep an open mind, and I work to suspend my Judgments on the pros, the cons, and the effectiveness of the overall diet.

This past fall, I did quite a bit of experimentation with various forms of water fasting.  Although I had some minor success with alternate day 24 hour fasts; several long-term fasts, including some 3 day fasts, and one 6 day fast, I did not care for it. 


At the start of this year I decided to commit to an experiment of 90 days of some sort of consistent, Intermittent Fasting.

After a week or so, I saw that I would need to drastically change my eating plan in order to succeed at this. 

After trying a few alternatives, I decided to work at strictly following the 5-bite diet again. Eating only 2 meals a day spaced 4 to 5 hours apart, results in an 18 to 19 hour daily fast. Furthermore, the entire 5-bite diet plan is actually a “controlled fast”.  In many ways it is similar to the way I ate for the first 7 months after my weight loss surgery 24 years ago.

I first experimented briefly with the 5-bite diet in the spring of 2009, and found it interesting, but was not fond of it.  In March, 2014, I again experimented with that diet for a six month period, and continued to find it interesting, but, for various reasons, found it unsustainable for me at that time.

So,  after having made the decision to resume my 5-bite diet experiment, I began following that diet plan. I also rejoined, and paid for, a monthly membership at Dr. Lewis’ website, and am currently participating there.  

This is actually my 3rd experiment with this particular diet, and my goal this time is to do better at suspending my negative judgments while working to follow that plan exactly; while paying attention to how my body feels.  I am interested in learning what kind of weight-loss I will receive at this current time, as a result of following that eating behavior.

The 5-bite diet is  based on Dr. Alwin Lewis’ book, “Why Weight Around”. 

The 5-bite rules are simple:

1. Do not eat breakfast
2. Do not snack
3. Eat five bites of food for lunch

Your Journey
- POSTED ON: Jan 28, 2016


The Mountaintop
- POSTED ON: Jan 25, 2016


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