Change or Stay the Same?
- POSTED ON: Jul 29, 2014


A Decision to Change
- POSTED ON: Jul 28, 2014


Our Thoughts Create Our World.
- POSTED ON: Jul 27, 2014


I like this advice about making decisions from Dr. Amy Johnson, PhD:

“When in the midst of emotional pain, find some time to Be Still every day. Turn off the voices of friends and family and media and church and blogs and books and listen there for the voice of wisdom that arises in stillness.

Because right now- making decisions is not about doing the right thing or the wrong thing. It’s about doing the PRECISE thing. The PRECISE thing is always incredibly personal and unique and often makes no sense to the people in your life. That doesn’t matter right now. You answer to no one except yourself in the quiet.

Don’t get too excited, because this voice will never offer you a five year plan: just the Next Right Thing. It will never tell you what’s at the end of the path- just where to step next.

Luckily- this is always good enough. The Next Right Thing, One Thing At A Time- Will Bring You All the Way Home.”


The video at the bottom of this article is by Michael Neill, who is a "coach" to celebrities and a best selling author. 

He points out that we are "Afraid of What We Think".  During his talk he refers to the picture on the left, as well as the picture at the top of this article.



It's in the Regrigerator
- POSTED ON: Jul 26, 2014


Why Dieting is Hard
- POSTED ON: Jul 23, 2014


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