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  Honesty:  Maintenance of a small, normal-weight, body after years of obesity takes an immense amount of attention and hard work. My Archives here at DietHobby's Archives contain a great many articles about this; how it affects me; and how I personally deal with this Truth. 

The majority of weight-loss and maintenance information (and misinformation)  available in books, in weight-loss organizations, and in online forums is based on little evidence, showing a very limited amount of consistent and ongoing "success" , and even that involves short-term "success" which is experienced over a period of only several months or only a few years.

I'm now in my late 60s, and since age 9, I've been very involved with dieting during every year of my lifetime. I now have maintained a large weight-loss for more than 8 years, and I identify, in many ways, with the post below, and find it to be the-right-on-the-money-Honest-Truth. 

I’m Finally Thin —
      But Is Living In A Crazymaking Food Prison Really Worth It?
               by Rachel Zimmerman - October 25, 2013 - wbur's Common Health

I am not fat. At just over 5 feet tall and 101 pounds, I’m actually closer to thin. It shocks me to even write this, but after a zaftig childhood and a curvy-bordering-on-chunky early adulthood, I find myself, in middle age, after two kids, to have reached my “ideal” weight.

But lately I wonder if it’s really worth it.

From the outside, thin is surely better. Other moms tell me I look great. I can consider bikinis. I appear far younger than my actual age and, with a perky, teen-sounding BMI of 19.9, I fit in my daughter’s Forever 21 tops.

But peek inside my brain: it’s alarming.

I spend an inordinate, and frankly embarrassing amount of time thinking about food, planning meals and strategizing about how to control my weight. It’s on my mind pretty much every waking hour of every day and the details are painfully banal: how many pumpkin seeds in my nonfat yogurt; will a green smoothie pack on an extra ounce or two; can I eat dinner early so my weight the next morning will be optimally low?

If I don’t exercise Every. Single. Day, I get depressed. If I stray from my short list of accepted foods, I can spiral out of control. My life is bound by a strict system of controls and rigid rules (maintained with a pack-a-day gum-chewing habit) that keep my weight in line. These include daily digital scale checks that set my mood each morning: 102.9 is bad news; 100.4 gets me high. Trivial? Yes. A shamefully first-world problem? Absolutely. But, sadly, true.

And widespread. A new report on women and body image conducted by eating disorder experts at the University of North Carolina makes clear the scope of the problem: a mere 12 percent of...

Walking Alone
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Wisdom of Age
- POSTED ON: Oct 24, 2013



Taking Up Space
- POSTED ON: Oct 17, 2013



The following Poem expresses the pressure women feel
to take up less and less space,
to be quiet,
to be small
and to eat sparingly.


"Shrinking Women" by Lily Myers


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